Windows 10 Hotkeys

Over the years and versions, Microsoft has introduced a number of hotkey combinations for use with the Windows key. Windows 10 features a large number hotkey combinations.

WinOpens the Start Menu or Start Screen
Win + COpens/Closes Cortana
Win + DMinimizes all applications to display desktop.
Restores all application windows.
Win + EOpens Windows Explorer
Win + FOpen Windows feedback hub
Win + GOpens/Closes Games options
Win + HOpens/Closes Dictation Tool
Win + IOpens Windows Settings
Win + KOpens Connect to devices
Win + LLocks the Computer
Win + MMinimizes all applications
Win + NCreates a new note in OneNote
Win + POpens secondary screen options
Win + QOpens the Search Tool
Win + ROpens the Run dialogue
Win + SOpens the Search Tool
Win + UOpens display ease of view options
Win + VOpens Clipboard tool
Win + WOpens/Closes Whiteboard Tool
Win + XOpens Windows administrator menu
Win + ZOpens/Closes the Application Bar (Deprecated)
Win + HomeMinimizes all applications, except current focus.
Restores all application windows.
Win + NumberBring Application to foreground (Number order in task bar)
Win + PrintScnCaptures all screens and saves to disk
Win + TabOpens/Closes Application History/Switcher
Win + . Opens the Emoji Tool
Win + (+/-)Zooms screen in(+) and out(-).

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