Silverwing Clan Information and Rules

This article is about the Silverwing Clan (tag#9VGUV0Q9) in the multiplayer, internet based game Clash of Clans. A team consisting of a large number of family and friends, with a number of guests to keep it interesting.

Silverwing Clan History

After playing Clash of Clans for a few months in another clan, Delphineous and Kaliyah ventured out and created Silverwing Clan on May 5, 2015. Soon after, our children joined us along with some friends from other clans. The first few wars were tough as we worked to build up the clan.

By the end of June we had a reasonable leadership established and a full clan.

Level Up

Hanya bahasa Inggrisالانجليزية فقطIngles lamangsamo na engleskom jeziku – ענגליש נאָר

Level 1 – May 5, 2015 (Established)
Level 2 – May 26, 2015
Level 3 – June 13, 2015
Level 4 – July 20, 2015
Level 5 – August 17, 2015
Level 6 – October 6, 2015
Level 7 – December 14, 2015
Level 8 – March 8, 2016
Level 9 – July 5, 2016
Level 10 – January 8, 2017
Level 11 – May 25, 2017
Level 12 – November 9, 2017

Silverwing Clan Shield
Silverwing Clan Shield

As a Level 10 Clan we enjoy the following benefits:
– 10 Minute Donation request wait time
– 8 Troop donation limit
– 50% Troop donation refund
– 2 Level upgrade for donated troops
– 50% Treasury storage increase
– 25% more War bonus loot

Silverwing Clan Leadership

Delphineous is the founder and “Leader” of the Silverwing Clan, with support of his wife Kaliyah (Co-leader) and children Saphire (Co-leader) [2C9G8RQC] and Hexagonaldonut (Co-leader) [PU9YL9RG].

Additional Silverwing Clan leadership is made of more family, friends and trusted members:

furious Tim9Co-leader

Rahma Al-Aufaa9Elder

Previous leadership who will not be forgotten. Come back anytime, friends.

Aria (Co-leader) [P2GVC2QQ]
Artemis (Co-leader) [RPLP9Y89]
b cc salt. (Co-leader) [2LJCJPVGC]
Basa (Co-leader) [2PLQYCLCU]
Bossnia (Co-leader)
Devilsangelsns (Co-leader) [C8UYJLGY]
Erod (Elder) [80GV92R0]
Essy (Elder) [29PJ2YP8L]
Josh Cuba (Co-leader) [VV8UVYUL]
LtBeotch (Co-leader) [QJQ2VCL8]
McJesus (Co-leader) [P82CLYGYJ]
Merk Gronk (Elder) [2LUYU9GCL]
MrsLT (Elder) [U00GVPGP]
Obelix (Co-leader) [20YRJ2CL]
Private Ja (Elder) [QQ8JV00U]
Sarge (Co-leader) [U0JYV98]
Soundguy (Co-leader) [R82QRU89]

Silverwing Clan Mission and Vision

Silverwing Clan provides an environment for beginners and experts to collaborate and establish a harmonious, fun support and action team through strategical advice, mutual respect and troop donations.

Silverwing Clan Rules

Participation in War is Required!

To ensure fairness with the clan and ongoing support of the team, the following rules are enacted and enforced by Silverwing Clan Leadership. All Silverwing Clan members are expected to observe the rules, subject to demotion and/or termination from the team.

  1. All members shall speak English within Silverwing Clan.
    A unified language within the clan helps ensure understanding and ability to communicate.
  2. In Game Name (IGN) of members should contain multiple Roman or Latin characters (alphabet/numbers).
    Silverwing Clan Leadership and other members need the ability to identify persons to which they are speaking. Icon, special character and other non-roman characters are not available on our devices to use.

    • Clan leadership may kick out a member with an offensive IGN.
  3. All members shall mind their manners.
    Please and Thank you go a long way in relationships.
  4. Don’t fall for gem and resource scams!

    Respect all members and do not use profanity.
    Name calling, personal attacks and profanity simply are not appropriate or tolerated.
  5. All members are expected to donate troops to other clan members. Donations should be maintained relatively equal to or higher than troops received, with a 50% tolerance.
    If a player receives 100 troops, they should donate at least 50 troops, but preferably closer to the 100.
    Players reaching 50 troop units received, but have failed to donate any troops will be kicked during the open period between wars.
  6. To be considered for war, a member must donate at least 50 troops to the clan and follow all rules of this clan.
  7. Only members with Town Hall level Ten and higher should donate to war castles.
    The better the troops in War Castles, the harder it is for our opponents to get stars.

    Game design by Supercell – War Castle donations do not count

    • Valkyries go into Level one and two war castles first.
    • Dragons go into Level three and higher war castles first.
    • Wizards and then archers should fill out the remaining spaces in war castles.
    • Troops lower than level four should not be placed in war castles.
    • Goblins, Healers, Giants, Balloons and Wallbreakers should not be placed in war castles. Neither should Minions, Hog Riders, Golems, Miners, Lava Hounds or Bowlers.
  8. Requests for troops should not exceed one level beyond what the member can produce themselves. The same applies to spell requests.
    If a player can only make level three Archers, they should only request up to level four archers.
    If a player can produce up to Balloons, they may request wizards, but shouldn’t request Healers or higher troops.

    • Only Town Hall level Seven and higher should request Dark Troops
    • Be reasonable with troop requests; too high reduces your chance of getting the troops requested.
  9. In line with the prior rule, do not donate troops that were not requested.
    Donating higher troops than requested is delightful, but please don’t donate lower level troops or troops that aren’t desired. (in example, don’t donate goblins if giants are requested)
  10. Protect your Town Hall in War Villages by having them completely surrounded by defenses and walls.

    Goblins are for looting, not attacking in war.

    Town Hall destruction is an immediate star; make it harder for our opponents to get them.
  11. Participation in War is required, both attacks with an honest effort.
    Established clan members (Elder and above) should opt out of war to be excused from the next war. All new members are expected to participate in war.
    Speak to the Leader or a Co-leader if extended absence is necessary.

    • If after four wars a member doesn’t qualify for war, they will be removed from the clan.
  12. Goblins should not be used in clan war attacks.
    Greedy behavior is not tolerated and subject to being kicked out of the clan.
  13. Attack only with full camps and castle If you have spell capability, full spells are expected as well.
    You don’t have to use all troops if they are not needed to reach three stars, but don’t go in short-handed.
  14. RULE OF SIX – Only six up or six down from your village until six hours remain.

    In Clan War – Do not attack below six villages lower than your village nor above six villages higher than yours until there are only 6 hours remaining in war. The bottom ten villages are reserved for our bottom ten players until 6 hours remain in war.
    Attacking too low prevents lower members from having fair battles; attacking too high risks wasting potential stars.
  15. Remain in the clan during war and preparation phases.
    Clan jumping is not acceptable behavior for our membership.

Attack only when camps, castle and spell factories are full.

Aborting an attack in clan war and attempting an attack without full camps and castle are not acceptable. The game shows your troop status and requests verification before going into an attack. The game prompts to verify Surrender, too. There are no valid excuses for aborted or undermanned attacks. All Zero and One Star attacks are reviewed by Silverwing Clan Leadership and violators are removed from the clan.

Asking for a promotion is asking for trouble

No one is considered for promotion until contributing for at least seven wars.

Elder and Co-leader are given to members that have proven themselves to the clan leadership that they are reliable and contribute to the team spirit and success of the clan for an extended period of time (at least two weeks). If a player is worthy of a promotion, Silverwing Clan Leadership will make it happen without prompting from the individual.

Check out some tips and strategy ideas that I have written as I learned the game myself. My personal strategy has changed slightly since the document was written, but the advice within is sound.

Leadership Rules

New members are not accepted during war.

New members are not accepted into the clan during war, regardless of player level, unless approved by Co-leader or Leader. A trusted member of the clan must vouch for exceptions. This is a protective measure since spying is a common practice during war.

Position of Elder within the Silverwing Clan is an earned role for persons that participate in wars, donate a significant number of troops and help other players in development.

  • The game does not allow elders to start war searches.
  • Elders should only Kick Out members that repeatedly break clan rules.
  • Only known, trusted persons should be allowed into the clan during war.
  • Refer to the Terminate Page for members that have been banned from the clan. Don’t allow them to join the clan and kick them during open enrollment.

Co-leader opportunities are limited to persons that are well-known and trusted by Silverwing Clan Leadership. Just like Elders, Co-leaders participate in all wars, donate a significant number of troops to members and help other players in development.

  • Co-leaders may start a war search no sooner than 60 minutes after a war has ended and standard preparations have been executed.
  • Co-leaders should only Promote Members to Elder upon agreement with minimum of three Co-leaders or clan Leader.
  • Co-leaders should only Promote Elders to Co-leader upon agreement with minimum of three Co-leaders and clan Leader.
  • Co-leaders should only Demote and Kick Out members that repeatedly break clan rules.
    During war prior to both attacks used by the player, please only kick for extreme cases.
  • Do not change the clan logo or description without approval from the Leader.

The Silverwing Clan Leader will participate in all wars, donate a significant number of troops to responsible members and help other players in development.

  • Leader will start war searches or delegate to a Co-leader as necessary.
  • Leader will Promote Members to Elder as agreed with minimum of two Co-leaders.
  • Leader will Promote Elders to Co-Leader with a minimum agreement of three Co-leaders.
  • Leader will Demote and Kick Out members that repeatedly break clan rules.

War Preparation

Between each war Silverwing Clan membership is evaluated based on war participation and donation levels, in accordance with clan rules. Persons found out of compliance may be demoted and/or removed from the clan. Special consideration is given where appropriate.

The clan is opened to ‘Anyone can join’ for a period of 1-24 hours at the convenience of leadership to allow players to join the clan between wars. After the new members are evaluated and joins/leaves stabilize, the clan will be changed to ‘Closed’ and a war search may begin. Consider the following in evaluating new members:

  • Any player banned from the clan will be kicked.
    Verify player ID matches our terminated list.
  • Persons ineligible for war will be removed from the clan to make space for eligible players.
    Persons kicked out of another clan or abandoning it during war are not welcome here.
  • New players that are opted out of war will be removed from the clan to make space.
    All new players must participate in war. Only established team mates may take breaks from war – be sure to let leadership know and ‘opt out’.
  • Persons not speaking English or having non-roman style characters in their IGN will be removed.
    It is difficult to work as a team if we cannot communicate.
  • Sequential letters or numbers, only one character repeated numerous times and seemingly random characters in player names are considered invalid.
  • Donation history (“Friend in Need” statistic) is considered when clearing the clan. Anything lower than 500 for town hall level 7 and below, or lower than 1000 for town hall 8 and above, is considered poor donation history.
    Part of being a team is supporting each other. Those with poor history of supporting their team are not welcome here.
  • New players to the clan that have opted out of war will be drafted to war or removed from the clan.
    Trusted members may opt out for a reasonable period (up to four wars) without retribution.

Join us on Facebook – Silverwing Clan.

Accounting of Records

Silverwing Clan Leadership maintains a roster of all members and war activities. The information is used to determine when members should be promoted or terminated. Terminated persons will not be permitted to return.


2015-06-01 Published
2015-06-17 Updated clan level and goblin guideline, protect townhall and anti-clan hopping
2015-07-21 Updated clan level
2015-08-20 Updated clan level
2015-10-08 Updated clan level and provided promotion information
2015-12-18 Updated clan level and established Rule of Six
2016-03-09 Updated clan level and added War Castle troop standards
2016-05-02 Added Donation requirement for clan war inclusion.
2016-06-12 Added Facebook group.
2016-07-10 Updated Leadership and clan level.
2017-01-12 Updated Leadership and clan level.
2017-04-29 Clarified War Preparation information.
2017-05-24 Updated leadership function and data.
2017-08-02 General update, including departed leadership.



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