Silverwing Clan Roster

This clan roster is a member list of the Silverwing Clan as of the current clan war. Our first war was May 12, 2015, with just 10 members; six of those 10 remain in the clan today and represent our founding leadership.

Please note that the Player ID may contain errors, such as ‘Q’ and ‘0’ being confused or ‘B’ and ‘8’.

b cc pepperY22R9QVL09Elder21--eeee2312
b cc salt.2LJCJPVGC12Co-leader11+-11112123
b cc Spice.YU8CCUPVU4Elder23--21232222
b cc Sugar.YGR9GRUYP5Elder32+-12ee2331
chucho 2000L9LPG8R010Elder3X--21333323
furious TimJ989GGRU11Co-leader22_-2X212313
Muhammad Fahad8PQP8J99811Elder33--33332323
Next LevelY8VGP2GVU12Elder33--3303033X
Owl PelletsYVL0YRRG04Elder31--0032333X
Su HoangRLRL2LGY11Member32--1X3X3323
The Vikings2UU028VU8Co-leader23+-11223211

War date is start of war as a four-digit code (YMDD) [I=2018; A=October, B=November, C=December], plus a ‘W’ or ‘L’ for win or lose, respectively, followed by the difference of stars.

Statistics are a four or more digit representation of number of stars received in each attack per war, donation status, and member status (12DMCO) [1=Attack One star count, 2=Attack Two star count, D=Donation Status, M=Member Status, C=Clan Games, O=Other Notes].

Attack Status

. Included in war; no attack yet
A Aborted Attack
ee Excused from clan war
G Greed-based Attack
H Attack too high
nq Does not qualify for clan war
R Attacked village already 3-starred
U Undermanned Attack
X Attack not used

Donation Status

~ Qualified for next war
Donations are good
_ Donations are below requirement
+ Donations are well above requirement
o Zero stats; possibly inactive
* Donations are not required

Member Status

Member is okay
_ Member is being monitored

Clan Games

0 Member did not participate in Clan Games
1 Member did basic participation in Clan Games (500pts)
2 Member participated in Clan Games (up to midpoint)
3 Member contributed well in Clan Games (above midpoint)
4 Top contributor in Clan Games

Other Notes

iB Inappropriate behavior
iD Inappropriate donations
iL Inappropriate language
NE Non-English
Promotion demands
Promotion requests

Persons marked as “Abandoned” for Rank are included in the current war and have left the clan without using their clan war attacks. If they return before the end of war and use their turns, then the status of ‘Member’ will be reinstated in a monitored status; otherwise at the end of the war the member will be banned forever. Clan hopping is not acceptable and may result in a ban – please see more information and rules.

Silverwing Clan members, excluding new members, will be excused from war when other life scenarios occur and they have notified clan leadership. Sometimes members are excused from war due to performance or other issues with their status within the clan, often leading to termination.

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