Stop Junk Mail

I have a Post Office Box for operating my businesses, as well as my home address. I am not a fan of most solicitations and I needed to Stop Junk Mail to my box. The junk solicitation kept filling my PO Box and the post office refused delivery of mail when the box was full. This is a major problem since I operate my business using the box and I need my business communications.

There are some options to stop or limit this junk mail.

Direct Mail – Mass market mailer for many catalogs and other mail-based advertisers.

DMAchoice – Post and Email solicitation opt-out

Prescreened Credit – Opt out (or in) to credit solicitations.

RetailMeNot (Formerly RedPlum) – A mass market mailer for local advertisements. Register your preference to stop junk mail.

The Attorney General web-site offers several resources to help protect consumers, including information on current scams.

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