Nutritional Benefits

I have been researching many sources for supplement details to help with my own health, from brain function, through my heart and into deeper health.

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Amino acidsBeneficialHelps produce dopamine and norepinephrine, stimulating brain activity.
AntioxidantBeneficialStrengthen blood vessel walls
CaffeineHarmfulElevates heart rate, simulating an energy boost. Reduces hydration. Blocks some beneficial chemical absorption. Trigger for migraine headaches.
CalciumBeneficialEssential for bone health; improves density.
GlutenVariesMay be a trigger for migraine headaches.
MagnesiumBeneficialCalms nerves, heart and other muscles.
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)HarmfulMay be a trigger for migraine headaches.
NitritesHarmfulMay be a trigger for migraine headaches.
Omega-3 fatty acidBeneficialHelps reduce inflammation in the brain and repair cell membranes. Helps tolerate stress.
ProteinBeneficialRepairs and builds tissue throughout our body and brains.
Sugar (Sucrose)HarmfulProvides a temporary boost of energy. High in calories, often converted to liver fat. Elevates blood glucose levels. Slows immune system.
Trans fatsHarmfulDiminishes cognitive function.
Vitamin B familyBeneficialEssential for blood and nerve health. Helps provide long-lasting energy. Helps break down histamines.
Vitamin CBeneficialHelps with immune system health and controls cortisol production. Helps break down histamines.
Vitamin DBeneficialAssists in calcium absorption.
WaterBeneficialNecessary for our bodies, keeping blood fluid and tissue healthy.

Table of Nutritional Benefit State

Beneficial This component features mostly beneficial attributes.
Harmful This component features mostly harmful attributes.
Varies This component features many beneficial and harmful attributes.

Moderation is essential for all components, even the beneficial nutrients can have a negative impact when used excessively.

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