Silverwing Roster on June

As soon as clubs became available, we created Silverwing. I don’t remember the exact date, bu it was sometime in January 2020.

Our “meeting time” has changed a couple times, but is currently 10:00 PM Eastern Time. Since we are USA based, we have to change the meeting time as Daylight Savings changes. For places that do not observe Daylight Savings, or has a different schedule than the United States, please watch for the resulting changes.

Club Attitude

When we first created our club, the club was restricted to just 15 players, so we filled it quickly. When the competitions started, we were rocking with 9-13 players playing and we very often ranked first place in the competition group.

We are a generally relaxed club for casual play. It is only a game, after all. We prefer that members participate in competitions, give coffee, and such.

Current Club Roster

To help monitor activity, the following roster has been generated. It is updated at each competition. The data includes In Game Name (IGN), Status and Join Date, plus statistics for each competition. The competition stats are in the format of PL.Points – PL is the Player’s JJ level at the end of the competition. Then the number of points they earned in the competition are given.

Exquisitely MeMemberKC13429.X408.X408.X404.X400.X
Monti PrincessMemberK802675.X669.X666.X651.X637.X
Who's There?MemberK718143.13792140.287230139.304290137.77311133.75560
Points EntryDescription
###The score that the team member contributed to the competition.
0The member joined the competition, but didn’t contribute.
XThe member did not participate in the competition.
eThe member was excused from the competition. This can be that they joined too recently and were not eligible, or they had a life event which we knew about.


Unfortunately, June’s Journey does not offer the ability for us to see a unique identifier for players, and it allows duplicate player names. In fact, June’s Journey automatically sets player names with a rotation of common values. It is up to the individual player to change their name, and most people do not bother.

We’ve had to kick some players for inappropriate behavior, coat-tailing, or being inactive. The following names represent those players.

In Game NameDateReason for Ban (Level)
AllOuttaNames20220310Inactive (470)
Barney20220310Inactive (432)
Cena SagazPSP20200824Inactive (70)
Dddaaannna20210909Inactive (120)
Gilligan’s IsleInappropriate behavior (120)
GmaInappropriate behavior (810)
Gmas ParadiseInappropriate behavior
HeadOverHilsInappropriate behavior (327)
ICameISawIFoundInappropriate behavior (650)
IDreamOfJuney20200921Inactive (207)
InspectorEInappropriate behavior (610)
JuneJett20210331Inactive (124)
Linsey20200913Inactive (198)
LoriInappropriate behavior (771)
MasterOfFindingInappropriate behavior (290)
MissFischer20200903Inactive (40)
PaibakInappropriate behavior (599)
ParryHotter9620210707Inactive (246)
VirginiaGigglesInappropriate behavior (777)
WasLost_AmFound20210110Inactive (28)
WhereTheHeartIz20201012Inactive (123)

Some banned players do not have a Date or Level listed, because I was not tracking that information at the time.

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