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As I wrote and subsequently edited the swinging article, we dabbled with multiple swinger lifestyle sites on the internet and learned that some are pretty good, while many are scams or simply bad.

Evaluation Strategy of Lifestyle Sites

Many factors were considered as we evaluated the lifestyle sites; the most important being the price and popularity, followed closely by features.


Most of the sites offer “free” memberships. Free members are severely limited on the websites, but can at least have basic profiles. For the most part, the free memberships are worthless, however if you want to maintain your identity in the lifestyle, creating free memberships with the same profile name as your preferred site will help.

We believe paying for membership at a site is reasonable as long as the price is reasonable and the features and popularity of the site warrant the cost. Some lifestyle members will not talk to persons that have free accounts.

You may notice that some lifestyle websites charge close to or slightly more for “lifetime” access as they would for a prepaid year. I believe this is to encourage a high-priced commitment up front, while taking advantage of the unsure with high monthly fees. Many of these sites offer free trials for a few days. Use this time to evaluate the site and determine if it is right for you.

Some of the lifestyle websites are outrageously priced, with the most expensive we found being Adult Friend Finder at up to US$480, plus an optional US$240 to allow free members to access your own profile. That’s US$720 for a full membership, automatically renewed.1 Price shown is annualized, based on monthly charges. They do not offer a lifetime package, but I imagine if they do in the future, it will be horribly expensive.

If a site shows advertisements on paid member pages, this reduces the value of the site in my opinion. Wife Swapping is the worst for this, with Live Cam and other advertisements within search results.


Website features are the tools and layout of the site which impact its usefulness. A site needs to have an intuitive design and function well.

Searching and browsing

The ability to search for members is essential. A good site will have a search engine that allows fine tuning by location and distance, and profile type. A great site will have fine tuning like smokers, have pictures and last login date.

Useful Profile Data

Relevant information needs to be present in profiles, such as join date, last login date, membership type, and location. It doesn’t make sense to contact a member that hasn’t been on their account in several months, especially a free member who visited once and likely is not returning.


Most people in the lifestyle wish to be discreet. Protecting intimate pictures and other data is critical for lifestyle websites. Additionally, the ability to “hide” from certain profile types and block trouble-causing profiles is essential.


Lifestyle sites are worthless without members, especially local members. When evaluating the popularity of a site, we are considering the site as a couple for South-Eastern Pennsylvania and Central New Jersey area, since that is where we reside.

Avoid Scams

We have found by experience that some of the lifestyle websites have automated mechanisms to trick free members into upgrading their membership.

Adult Friend Finder, for example, appears to be one of these sites that sends bogus contact requests from members in the area. Free member messages are blurred, so you can’t read the received message without upgrading, and naturally cannot respond either. Within 10 minutes of registering, we received five contact requests. Bear in mind – we didn’t upload pictures or put much information in the profile yet. In fact, we hadn’t even been notified our profile was approved until about an hour later.

Another example is Swing Seekers. About a week after creating our account, we received a message from ourselves. Apparently, we thought we could be a match. This site has so little local members, that the only match was ourselves. Of course, since we are free members we are not able to respond.

To be honest, Swingers Date Club (SDC) successfully tricked us into paying for a membership using a similar mechanism. We would receive friend invites and messages from profiles that matched our “seeking” setting. Once we purchased a membership, these stopped and those same people have not responded to any follow-up messages from us. At least SDC allows us to turn off the automatic renewal; most do not.

Comparison Chart

Site NameYearly Cost (US$)Free accountsPopularityFeaturesPrivacy
Adult Friend Finder$240 to $720
Severely limited
Pay to view profiles.
Upgrade to read mail.
Mostly MenVery Good
FabSwingers$45 to $60Limited.Very GoodVery GoodVery Good
Fet Life$60
Lifetime $240
Slightly limited.
No video access.
Recent posts only.
Hot Wife Hub$30 to $60Limited.
No video or chat access.
Love Voodoo$120 to $215
Lifetime $150
Upgrade to send mail or chat.
Quiver$100 to $144
Slightly limited
No video or private access.
OkayGoodVery Good
Rock Tie$60 to $120
Lifetime $95
Severely limited.
No event, friends, mail or search access.
SDC$120 to $300
Lifetime $250
Very limitedPoorMediocreOkay
Swing Lifestyle$70 to $180
Lifetime $150
No nude pic access or sending mail.
ExcellentVery GoodVery Good
Swing Seekers$160 to $360
No access to send mail or view pics.
Mostly MenOkayPoor
Swing Towns$69 to $204
Lifetime $129
Slightly limited.
Upgrade for advanced tools.
GoodOkayVery Good
True Swingers$45 to $80
Lifetime $130
Slightly limited.
Limited number of pic and profile views. Limited mail per hour.
Mostly MenGoodGood
Wife Swapping$84 to $336
No access to pics.
Limited mail per day.
Limited search.

Pricing information is factual at the time this article was written and is rounded up to an even US Dollar for comparison purposes. Websites may change their pricing schema, including the offer of promotions at their will and out of control of me.

Final Word on Lifestyle Sites

After careful evaluation and experience on the lifestyle sites, we have found that Swing Lifestyle and Fab Swingers are the winners for our area, though Quiver and Swing Towns scored very well also.

The “not bad” sites that we evaluated are Love Voodoo and True Swingers (related to True Nudists).

The worst sites, based on our experience and my opinion, are Adult Friend Finder, Swing Seekers and Swingers Date Club (not quite as bad as the others).



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1. Price shown is annualized, based on monthly charges.

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