Lifestyle Definitions

The following terms and definitions are common in the swing lifestyle. Naturally, some of these lifestyle definitions will overlap into personals and other unrelated areas and some may have completely different meanings.

69Just like the number suggest, the two people are lying with their heads lined up with their partners genitals for oral stimulation.
420Code for Marijuana use. Often used as "420 friendly".
ABSAdult Book Store
AFFAdult Friend Finder web-site.
AIDSAcquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Caused by HIV.
Aunt FloCommon reference for a woman's period.
Bare BackSex without a condom.
BBBJBare Back Blow Job. Fellatio without a condom.
BBCBig Black Cock.
BBWBig Beautiful Woman. Usually very large, well endowed woman.
BDSMBondage, Discipline, Sex and Masochism.
Bi-CuriousSomeone that is interested or open to same gender sexual contact.
BottomPerson in the submissive role in a dominant relationship. Person receiving the sexual act in a same gender relations.
BWCBig White Cock
CBJCovered (condom) Blow Job
CIMCum In Mouth
CISSomeone whose sexual identity matches their gender at birth. (Not bi, gay or transgender)
CleanSomeone that is drug and disease free.
Cream pieEjaculation inside the vagina or other orifice, without use of a condom.
CTSCamelToe Slide. The act of rubbing a woman's labia against a penis without penetration.
DDFDrug and Disease Free.
DomDominant, sometimes specific to male.
DommeFemale Dominant.
DPDouble Penetration. Two penises in the same person, usually one in the vagina and one anal at the same time.
DTEDown To Earth
DTFDown To Fuck
DVPDouble Vaginal Penetration. Two penises in the same vagina at the same time.
EnglishSpanked or masochism
FacialMale ejaculate on the face of a sexual partner.
FetishStrong desire for a certain body part, most commonly foot.
FMFA threesome with two females and one male.
Full SwapCouples that allow full sex, including intercourse, with swapped partners.
FWBFriends with Benefits
GBFGay Black Female
GBMGay Black Male
GreekAnal sex
GWFGay White Female
GWMGay White Male
HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus. Transferable through sex and other means.
Hot WifeWoman looking to have sex with a man other than her husband, but with his knowledge. He is sometimes watches.
HSVHerpes Simplex Virus. Sexually transmitted disease.
HWPHeight and Weight Proportional
ISOIs Seeking Out
LTRLong Term Relationship
MBCMarried Black Couple
MFMA threesome with two males and one female.
MFPMeet For Pleasure. Sexual meeting without personal interaction.
MoresomeSexual relations involving four or more people.
MWCMarried White Couple
No Holes BarredA variation on "No Holds Barred", any orifice of the person is available to sexual use.
NSANo Strings Attached. Common abbreviation for persons looking for sex without a relationship.
Off PremiseSocial places for meeting up, but sexual relations are not permitted at the location.
On PremiseSocial places where sexual relations can occur at the location.
ONSOne Night Stand
OreoThreesome with a girl between two guys, usually with double penetration.
Pearl NecklaceMale ejaculate around the neck and chest area of a sexual partner.
PNPParty and Play. Whether in a club or private residence, an opportunity to drink and have sex.
PSPussy Slide. Vulva rubbed against a penis, usually length-wise on the underside with no penetration.
QOSQueen of Spades. Usually white women wanting sex only with black men.
Same Room SwapUsually full swap, but in the same room.
SBFSingle Black Female
SBMSingle Black Male
SLSSwingLifeStyle web-site.
Soft SwapCouples that practice same room experiences usually up through oral sex with swapped partners, but intercourse only with their own partner.
STBSluts To Bang.
Shake The Bed.
SubSubmissive partner in Domination.
TopPerson in the dominant role in a dominant relationship. Person performing the sexual act in a same gender relations.
UnicornSingle woman included in a couple's sexual relations.
VanillaNon-lifestyle people. Similar to civilians or muggles.
WHPWeight and Height Proportional. (Same as HWP)
WrappedSex with a condom.
YOLOYou Only Live Once. Generally will try anything.
VGLVery Good Looking

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