Lifestyle Definitions

The following terms and definitions are common in the swinging lifestyle. Naturally, some of these lifestyle definitions will overlap into personals and other unrelated areas – some may have completely different meanings.

69Just like the number suggest, the two people are lying with their heads lined up with their partners genitals for oral stimulation.
420Code for Marijuana use. Often used as "420 friendly".
ABSAdult Book Store
AC/DCNot the band. Like the electric flow, this can mean bisexual - taking it both ways.
AFFAdult Friend Finder web-site.
AIDSAcquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Caused by HIV.
airtightAll orifices filled at the same - mouth, vagina and anus.
AnilingusStimulation of the anus by use of tongue and mouth. Also known as rimming.
ArseWestern European slang for the buttocks.
ASPAdult Service Provider
Ass PlaySexual behaviors involving the anus.
ATFAll Time Favorite
ATMAss To Mouth. Transferring penis from anal penetration to oral.
Aunt FloCommon reference for a woman's period.
Aussie KissCunnilingus. Oral sex on a woman. Think "Kiss down under".
AVSAdult Video Store
Bare BackSex without a condom. Often abbreviated "BB" or shown without a space "Bareback".
BBACIABare Back Anal, Cum In Ass - Anal Intercourse, no condom, with internal ejaculation
BBBJBare Back Blow Job. Fellatio without a condom.
BBCBig Black Cock.
BBFSBare Back Full Swap/Service
BBWBig Beautiful Woman. Usually very large, well endowed woman.
BCDBehind Closed Doors
BDSMBondage, Discipline, Sex and Masochism.
BFBoy Friend
BiBisexual. Person that enjoys sex with members of their own and opposite gender.
Bi-CuriousSomeone that is interested or open to same gender sexual contact.
BJBlow Job
BLSBall Licking and Sucking
Blue ToastPenis covered in soap and rubbed between butt cheeks in the shower. Sometimes called a Soapy Italian.
May refer to using mouthwash.
BottomPerson in the submissive role in a dominant relationship. Person receiving the sexual act in a same gender relations.
BSWBlack Street Walker
BukkakeFetish where multiple men ejaculate onto a single recipient, typically on their face.
BullSingle man included in a couple's or group's sexual relations.
Butt PlugA sex toy that is inserted into the anus. It may be used for decoration, personal pleasure or to prepare for anal sex.
BWCBig White Cock
Camel toeWhen women wear tight clothes, the anatomical features of her labia creates an image similar to the "toes" of a camel.
Cameltoe SlideThe act of grinding a man's penis using just the outside parts of a women's genitalia.
CatcherSomeone who bottoms or is submissive.
CBBCock and Ball Bondage
CBJCovered (condom) Blow Job
CBTCock and Ball Torture
CDCross Dresser
CGCow Girl sexual position with girl on top face to face
ChickenhawkThe gay male equivalent of a cougar, where the older man prefers to have sex with significantly younger male partners.
CIMCum In Mouth
CIPCum in Pussy. Also known as a creampie.
CISSomeone whose sexual identity matches their gender at birth. (Not bi, gay or transgender)
CleanSomeone that is drug and disease free.
CMDCarpet Matches Drapes. Color of pubic hair is same as hair on head. Indicates natural hair color.
CockringA small ring usually made of leather, metal or flexible plastic/rubber that is placed at the base of the penis and sometimes testicles to restrict blood from escaping the penis. Helps with maintaining an erection in some men.
CornholeTerm used for the anus.
CougarAn older woman that seeks sex with much younger men.
CowgirlGirl on top, straddling his hips and facing him, like riding a horse.
Cream pieEjaculation inside the vagina or other orifice, without use of a condom. Sometimes the space is omitted, as Creampie.
CropWhip-like tool used for pain and sound to enhance sexual pleasure in BDSM.
crossing swordsWhen two men's penis come in contact during sex with a third partner, typically during double penetration.
CTSCamelToe Slide. The act of rubbing a woman's labia against a penis without penetration.
CuckoldA man that enjoys watching his wife have sex with other people.
CumSlang for male ejaculate.
Slang for natural vaginal lubrication.
Cum SlutA person who enjoys receiving cum, typically in the mouth and swallowing, or some other orifice.
Cum SwapThe act of capturing the ejaculate in an orifice and then transfering to another person.
CummingReaching orgasm
CunnilingusOral sex perfomed on a female's genitals.
CutUsed to identify that a penis has been circumcised. An uncircumcised penis is referred to as Uncut.
CybersexTypically done via webcam or cell phone camera, the act of fantasizing and mutual self-masturbation over the internet. Similar to phone sex.
Daisy ChainGroup sex where each person is connected to the next sexually, creating a chain or a train.
DAPDouble Anal Penetration
DarkroomA location that has little to no light for anonymous sexual activities.
DATYDining At The Y. Cunnilingus.
DDFDrug and Disease Free.
DDGDrop Dead Gorgeous
Deep ThroatOrally taking a penis such that it enters the recipient's throat.
DFKDeep French Kissing
DildoA sex toy, often shaped like a penis, for inserting into orifices.
DIYDo It Yourself. Masturbation.
Doggie StyleSexual position where the receiver is on hands and knees, similar to a doggy.
DoggingHaving sex in public places. Not to be confused with Doggy Style.
DomDominant, sometimes specific to male.
DommeFemale Dominant.
DoublesA threesome, usually two ladies and one guy.
DPDouble Penetration. Two penises in the same person, usually one in the vagina and one anal at the same time.
DryAlso known as V-safe. A man that has had a vasectomy, resulting in no sperm within the semen.
DSDoggie Style. Sexual position where the receiver is on hands and knees like a dog.
DTDeep Throat.
DTEDown To Earth
DTFDown To Fuck
DVPDouble Vaginal Penetration. Two penises in the same vagina at the same time.
EDErectile Dysfunction. The inability to obtain or maintain an erection.
EdgingThe act of sexual play where repeatedly stopping just before orgasm, in an effort to prolong the sensation.
EndowedUsually used in reference to the size or portion (endowment) of a penis or breasts. May be interchanged with "hung".
EnglishSpanked or masochism
ENMEthically Non-Monogamous. A consensually open relationship, allowing each partner to have relations with other people.
ExhibitionistPerson that likes to be watched naked and/or having sex.
FacialMale ejaculate on the face of a sexual partner.
FBSMFull Body Sensual Massage.
FelchingThe act of sucking semen out of an orifice where it was deposited.
FetishStrong desire for a certain body part or sexual act.
FFM / FMFA threesome with two females and one male.
FrotThe act of rubbing penises together for sexual pleasure.
FSFull Service. Full Swap.
FTMFemale To Male. Person transitioning from female to male gender.
Fuck BuddySomeone that is used regularly for sex, but are not in a relation otherwise.
Full SwapCouples that allow full sex, including intercourse, with swapped partners.
FWBFriends with Benefits
GangbangSexual intercourse with multiple partners in one session. Typically multiple men to one woman.
GBFGay Black Female
GBMGay Black Male
GFEGirl Friend Experience
GGGonnorreia girl. Someone that carries sexually transmitted disease.
GILFGrandmother I'd Like to Fuck. Much older woman that is sexy.
GloryholeHole in the wall between booths or rooms, intended for having sexual relations through the hole.
Golden ShowerUrinating on a sexual partner. Also called Water Sports.
GreekAnal sex
Group SexSexual activities among four or more people.
GSGolden Shower. urination in sexual activities.
GSMG-Spot Massage
GWFGay White Female
GWMGay White Male
Half & HalfOral sex followed with intercourse to completion.
Half-mastWhen a penis is not fully erect. Also referred to as semi.
Hall PassWhen a member of a couple are permitted to have sexual relations outside the relationship, without the other member present/participating.
harbourThe space between a women's breasts - where someone would motor-boat.
Hardwood FloorsClean shaven genitals.
HedonistA person who's primary goal is to receive sexual pleasure.
Herb FriendlyAllows marijuana use.
HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus. Transferable through sex and other means.
HoggingThe act of taking advantage of obese women with low self-esteem for sexual pleasure. Not to be confused with fat fetishists that are sexually attracted to obese women's bodies.
HostOften interchanged with "accom" (accommodate), the person/place that provides space for play.
Hot WifeWoman looking to have sex with a man other than her husband, but with his knowledge. He sometimes watches.
HPHall Pass. Person has permission from their significant other to play alone without them.
HSVHerpes Simplex Virus. Sexually transmitted disease.
HWPHeight and Weight Proportional
ISOIs Seeking Out. In Search Of.
ItalianPenis rubbed between butt cheeks.
JizzSlang for male ejaculate.
K9Sexual position where the receiver is on hands and knees, and their partner enters from behind them. Also known as doggie style.
Landing stripPubic hair is trimmed and shaved to create a straight, narrow line. Also called a mohawk.
LDHLow Dollar Hooker.
LFKLight French Kissing.
LSWLatina Street Walker
LTRLong Term Relationship
MamasanAn authoritative woman in an Asian brothel or nightclub.
MBCMarried Black Couple
Menage a TriosA French term for three people having sex together. A threesome.
MerkinA wig-like accessory for the pubic region.
MFMA threesome with two males and one female. Also MMF, but infers bisexual behavior.
MFPMeet For Pleasure. Sexual meeting without personal interaction.
MG or M&GMeet and Greet. Gathering often held at a public location for swingers to meet new people. Rarely is there on-premise play.
MILFMother I'd Like to Fuck. Mid-life or older woman that is very attractive.
MishMissionary sex position. The partners are face to face, with one laying on their back and their partner enters from between their legs.
MohawkThin strip of pubic hair, often called a landing strip.
MoresomeSexual relations involving four or more people.
motor-boatWhen a person places their face between a women's breasts, shaking their head back and forth while blowing through their pursed lips (like a motor). Sometimes performed between butt cheeks.
MSOGMultiple Shots On Goal. Ability to ejaculate multiple times in one session.
MTFMale To Female. Person transitioning from male to female gender.
Muff DivingSlang for cunnilingus.
Multiple bell ringingMulti-orgasmic
MWCMarried White Couple
No Holes BarredA variation on "No Holds Barred", any orifice of the person is available to sexual use.
NoonerSex during lunch or early afternoon, sometimes called afternoon delight.
NSANo Strings Attached. Common abbreviation for persons looking for sex without a relationship.
NSFWNot Safe For Work
NutRefers to the testicle(s) and often used to indicate ejaculation (Nutted, bust a nut)
NymphomaniacA person, typically female, that has an uncontrollable desire to have a lot of sex.
Off PremiseSocial places for meeting up, but sexual relations are not permitted at the location. Typical for a "Meet and Greet".
On PremiseSocial places where sexual relations can occur at the location.
ONSOne Night Stand
OreoThreesome with a girl between two guys, usually with double penetration. Sometimes used to refer to interracial MFM.
OrgyGroup sex. These tend to be larger groups.
P2PPenis to Pussy. Penis to Penis. Pussy to Pussy. Pay to Play (Prostitution).
PAPrince Albert. A piercing of the penis head.
PansexualSexual attraction toward any gender identity/biology.
PassableUsually in reference to cross-dressers, where they can reasonably resemble the opposite gender.
PAWGPhat Assed White Girl. Usually a woman with slim frame, but large hips and buttocks.
Pearl NecklaceMale ejaculate around the neck and chest area of a sexual partner.
PeggingTypically refers to a woman using a strap-on dildo in her male partner's anus.
Pillow PrincessA woman that receives sexual gratification, typically oral, and does not reciprocate at all.
PNPParty and Play. Whether in a club or private residence, an opportunity to drink and have sex.
PolyamoryAn intimate relationship with multiple, consenting partners.
PopAchieving orgasm.
Prince AlbertSometimes abbreviated as "PA". Pierced head of a penis.
PSPussy Slide. Vulva rubbed against a penis, usually length-wise on the underside with no penetration.
PSEPorn Star Experience
PWAPussy, Weed, Alcohol.
QOSQueen of Spades. Usually white women wanting sex only with black men.
QuickieGet in, get off, get out. Quick sex with no foreplay or other activity.
RawAnother term for Bareback. Sex without a condom.
RCReverse Cow Girl
RCAReverse Cowgirl Anal
RCGCow Girl sexual position with girl on top facing away
Red WingsThe marks left on the face of a person performing cunnilingus with a woman during her period.
Reverse CowgirlSame as Cowgirl, but she is facing away from her partner.
Reverse Half & HalfIntercourse followed with oral to completion.
RimmingLicking the anus. Also known as anilingus.
RomanTerm applied to a person that prefers group sex.
RPGRole Playing Game
RRReciprocation Required.
RussianPenis rubbed between breasts. (Titty fuck)
Sometimes used to describe a quickie.
SadistA person that gets sexual pleasure from causing pain to others.
Safe WordA code word agreed in advance for BDSM play, letting the partner know there is a problem and to stop activities. Sometimes a second safe word is used to warn that the limit is being approached.
Same Room SwapUsually full swap, but in the same room.
SBFSingle Black Female
SBMSingle Black Male
SCStrip Club
ScatSex involving fecal matter.
SFHSex For Hire
ShemaleMan that has developed breasts through surgery or use of hormones, but still has penis and testicles.
ShibariBondage with ropes.
SilverOften used to describe people in their 50's or older.
Sloppy SecondsIntercourse with an orifice (usually a vagina) already containing another man's ejaculate.
SLSSwingLifeStyle web-site.
SlutSexually promiscuous person with multiple partners and high sexual drive. Sometimes interchanged with more derogatory "Whore" (prostitute).
SmegmaA residue substance that builds up under the foreskin of a penis or within the folds of a vulva. Tends to have a strong unpleasant smell and taste. Also called "cheese".
Snow BunnyWhite woman that prefers and maintains relations with black men.
Soft SwapCouples that practice same room experiences usually up through oral sex with swapped partners, but intercourse only with their own partner.
SOMFSat/sit On My Face
SPService Provider.
SpinnerSexual connotation for a young, petite, skinny girl.
spit roastThree people having sex, where the person in the middle (male or female) is being penetrated by men at either end of them. Also called a lathe.
SpunkSlang for male ejaculate.
squirrelA promiscous man who constantly seeks sexual pleasure with the goal of nutting (ejaculation).
SquirtingA form of female ejaculate, where she releases a large volume of liquid during orgasm. There is much controversy about the source of the liquid.
SRDPSame Room Different Partner
SRSPSame Room Same Partner.
SSBBWSuper-Sized Big Beautiful Woman
STBSluts To Bang.
Shake The Bed.
STDSexually Transmitted Disease.
STISexually Transmitted Infection
STRShort Term Relationship
SubSubmissive/passive partner in Domination.
SWStreet Walker. Hooker.
SwapSexually speaking, the sharing of sexual partners. This is often partner for partner, like wife-swapping.
SWFSingle White Female
SWMSingle White Male
SybianBrand name for a masturbation device designed for women to use cowgirl style. Generic term for similar devices manufactured by other companies.
TamakeriBDSM fetish where a man's testicles are abused.
TeabagTesticles dipped into partner's mouth.
TGTransgender. Person who's gender identity does not match their genetic/birth gender.
TopPerson in the dominant role in a dominant relationship. Person performing the sexual act in a same gender relations.
TPTanning Parlor
TrannyA transgender or transsexual person.
TSTransexual. Person desiring to be the opposite gender as they are genetically.
TVTransvestite. Person that dresses as the opposite sex. (aka cross-dresser)
TwinkSlang for a very young gay male. Often slim with very little body hair. Sometimes used to describe a very young female, in reference to relations with older men.
UnicornSingle woman included in a couple's or group's sexual relations.
VanillaNon-lifestyle people. Similar to civilians or muggles.
VGLVery Good Looking
VibratorElectronic sex toy that vibrates and is often shaped as a dildo for insertion or other shapes for surface contact.
VoluptuousCurvy and usually well endowed.
VoyeurPerson that likes to watch other people naked or engaging in sex.
Water SportsThe act of urinating on partners as part of sexual activities. Also known as "Golden Showers".
WHWell Hung. Generally used to describe a large penis.
WHPWeight and Height Proportional. (Same as HWP)
WrappedSex using a condom.
WSWater Sports. urination in sexual activities.
WSWWhite Street Walker
YMMVYour Mileage May Vary. Experience changes with each recipient/partner.
YOLOYou Only Live Once. Generally will try anything.

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