Crack Up with Chiropractors

I’ve heard the jokes over the years about Chiropractors; typical reference of not being real doctors or being cracked (quacked). I wouldn’t say I was on that bandwagon, but having never been to a chiropractor before I started having back issues, I would laugh along with the jokes. Jokes are still jokes and fun, but I have a respect for chiropractors that started with my first visit to one.

About a year after I started my job which requires me to take the train daily, I was having discomfort and pain in my lower back and hips. Based on the recommendation from a friend I went to see a chiropractor. On my first visit, Dr. Marc Shragher performed his hands-on analysis of my back, hips and shoulders. I was surprised that he was able to feel the problem areas without needing an x-ray or MRI.

I had a couple bulging disks. We suspect the jerking motion of the train along with the lack of lumbar support on train seats and some lifestyle circumstances resulted in the disk condition.

As Dr. Shragher adjusted my back, hips, neck and shoulders, we discussed how to address the issues to prevent them from reoccurring. He is not just about fixing the symptom, he wants to determine the root cause and correct it, too.

  • Drink more water. Our bodies rely on water to function correctly, including the cartilage in our body’s joints.
  • Reduce caffeine intake. Caffeine is a diuretic which promotes the loss of fluids in the body.
    Dr. Shragher recommended keeping the amount of coffee to one regular size cup per day.
  • Lose some weight. Belly fat puts stress on the back and hips by pulling them forward.
  • Move to the center of the train car. The ends of the train car are where the trucks (wheels) meet the tracks and result in a lot of shifting or sudden jerking. Being in the center of the car reduces this movement as the shifting is averaged between each end of the car.

I left his office from just the first visit with my back still uncomfortable, but feeling better already. I returned a few times over the next couple weeks for treatment and ultimately finished treatment a month or so later when the disks were no longer bulging and I was no longer uncomfortable.

Here I am three years later, back at Dr. Shragher’s office getting checked and adjusted. I haven’t been here for a while, but he remembers my condition from previous and how he resolved them – not bad since I arrived without an appointment. An examination like before, some adjustments and I was on my way feeling better.

Simply put, don’t ignore the chiropractor. This specialized physicians can help address issues in your body that you may not realize are related to your back.

Chiropractor Follow-up

A couple visits later, my beautiful wife Kaliyah is piggy backing on my appointment. She is explaining to Dr. Shragher the issue she is still having with her shoulder. He warned her that the adjustment he was going to do would likely hurt – which it did, but then she started feeling better already. Then he looked at me and had me put my hand where his was on her shoulder. He told me what to feel for and how to help loosen up the tight tendon for her. This is one of the great things about this chiropractor. Proper patient care is more important to him, helping us to get better without the incessant appointments to make more money.

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