Check Out My YouTubes

Over time I have posted a number of videos on YouTube; please check out my YouTubes.

Local Artists
Jared Williams – You Broke Through
Philadelphia Ukulele Orchestra – Me and My Gal

Belly Dance
Layla Nara [Firehouse Hafla]
Celebration of Samhain – Pictures of belly dancers set to Middle-Eastern style music.
Kaliyah – Dancing at events December 3, 2017 and September 2012.

Fun at Work
Remote Control Shark – Just when you thought it was safe to go into the office.
Silly String Ambush – Fulfilling a bet, Mike prepares to be silly stringed; but that’s not what happened after all.
Data Center Fun – simple ways to pass time in a raised-floor computer room.

Other Random Stuff
Car Fire Demonstration – Basic demonstration of firefighters putting out an automobile fire.
Night-time Mischief – A masked marauder terrorizes in the dark.

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