Online Arcade Games for Breaks

Over the years, there have been a number of online arcade games that I like to play during lunch time or whenever I need a short break from the daily grind. These games are not high-resolution, super duper time consuming games by design. Just simple, good fun.

Video Games

Graphically-oriented games with a lot of motion that the player controls are typically referred to Video Games; not to be confused with computerized Board Games which are simply computer versions of what would otherwise be a table-top board game.

Curveball Online Games


To start things off, let’s go with a three dimensional pong-like game called Curveball. Using your mouse to control the paddle of the classic game, you play against a computer opponent. The motion of your paddle as it strikes the ball causes a curved travel path and you get bonus points! As game play progresses, things get faster and more difficult. How’s your mouse/eye coordination?

Play Blosics Games
Blosics 2

Blosics 2

Next on the list is a logic/physics game called Blosics, this is the second iteration actually, where you use metal balls or specialty balls to know blocks off their staged layouts. With 30 levels, go for the special challenge of each level for bonus points and to make the game more difficult.


For the 30th anniversary of Pacman, Google created their own board of the game that can be played right in your browser. There are a number of “Pacman” games online, but I am cautious about visiting some of those sites.
On April Fools Day 2015, Google created a Maps variant that allowed players to run pacman along road maps. It was a little difficult to control at complex intersections, but it was fun running Pacman through the streets of Philadelphia. I can’t find the Pacmaps link as a regularly available option, but I’m looking.

Role Playing Games (RPG)

Computer based Role Playing Games (RPG) used to be word-based. Big Bang Theory referenced this in at least one episode, where Sheldon gets lost in the woods. Combining the principals of those old word-based RPGs with some good humored sport, Kingdom of Loathing is a free game that allows you to adventure the comical world of Loathing.

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